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Reference of my character, Scavage.

I started on this several months ago, but didn’t get it done until now due to some issues I discovered only after I did the lineart and colors. I didn’t want to redo the parts that bothered me, so I put this aside for a while. :’D

The uncolored head is to help you see his actual eyes better. The dark spots around his eyes make them look larger than they really are.

Hey, all.

So you know of my current status, my college classes started last week; it was pretty hectic and still feels to be that way. I’ve been freaking out about a lot of things and I feel too exhausted physically and mentally to really spend a lot of time on drawing. I’m taking two art courses this semester; so far, they feel to be pretty demanding of my attention and taking a lot out of me. It might be a while before I get to work on and post any finished pieces until I really adjust to this semester. In the meantime, I might only post sketches - if I make any. e_e

Find of the Day

So some family is visiting California and we all went to Old Sac today. My sister and I were checking out a store and I went over to where I saw a small Transformers section from last time we visited and suddenly I thought I saw Dreadwing on a box and I was like, WAIT. COULD IT BE? I grabbed it and whaddya know, it was the TFP Dreadwing voyager figure that I’ve been wanting. It just completely surprised me to find him there, of all places. So now I have Dreadwing for my figure collection. ;u;




Now anyone can get the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection without having to harass some EA employee. You can find instructions here. The code is only redeemable until July 31st, so grab it while you can!

here y’all go!

As a fan of making people in Sims and potentially ruining their lives…
I am pleased.

So happy that my laptop is able to play this. :D



If anyone is interested in getting a commission from me at the moment, you can do so by buying things on my Amazon Wish List. Once you tell me what you will plan to buy, and after we discuss details and the purchase is made, I will do art for you in return. The type of commissions will depend on the final total of the purchase(s); shipping costs are included into the total.

Please contact me first before actually buying anything from the list so we can come to an arrangement.

More information and examples under the cut:

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Added an image to the post so it’s easier to see what you can get.

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